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Motor Vehicle Inspection Stations, Garages, and Service Stations are required to ensure that all motor vehicles meet required safety standards.


To qualify for a motor vehicle inspection station licence, applicants must:

Employ at least one mechanic who possesses a Certificate of Qualification, as issued by the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, in one of the following trades:

  • Motor Vehicle Repair (Mechanical)
  • Motor Vehicle Repair (Steering, Suspension and Brakes)
  • Motor Vehicle Repair (Truck & Transport)

  • Stations who are licensed to perform inspections under heavy vehicle classification must employ at least one mechanic who possesses a Certificate of Qualification in Motor Vehicle Repair (Truck & Transport).

    Each station must have sufficient internal space to accommodate the vehicle during its inspection, the certified mechanic, and all tools and equipment necessary to perform the inspection.

    The required fees must accompany all applications.

    A Motor Vehicle Inspector will perform a site visit to ensure that the site complies with standards.


    The Motor Vehicle Branch of the Department provides the licensing and supervision of inspection station outlets.

    A motor vehicle inspection is an inspection and mechanical examination of the body and associated components, the windshield and windows, the windshield wipers, the horn, the rearview mirror, the lights, the exhaust system, the brakes, the steering and suspension system, the wheels and tires, and the coupling system.

    An inspection of a bus, commercial vehicle or truck tractor with an unladen curb mass of 2250 kilograms or more or a semi-trailer, trailer or pole trailer with an assigned or configured gross mass of 4500 kilograms or more will include, in addition, an inspection and mechanical examination of the power train, the instruments and auxiliary equipment, the electrical system, the engine controls, the fuel system, and the mirrors.

    [Commercial vehicles with an unladen curb mass of 3,500 kilograms or more must be inspected at least once every six months.]

    The inspection must be made by a certified mechanic or under the direct supervision of a certified mechanic.

    The certified mechanic will certify as approved or rejected each vehicle for which an inspection has been completed by attaching a completed inspection sticker or certificate of rejection to the windshield of the vehicle.

    Fees charged to the public for vehicle inspections shall be only at the rate prescribed by the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.

    Changes To Fees

    This document provides the rationale supporting changes to fees, associated revenue information, and the legal authority:


    Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

    Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
    Inspection Stations
      Inspection Station Licence - First Year76.001998-01-01
      Inspection Station Licence, every following year (annual)38.001998-01-01
      Fee for Official Testing Station to Purchase Inspection Stickers (per sticker)10.002015-09-01
      Additional Official Vehicle Inspection Station Manuals 15.001998-01-01
    Inspection stations shall charge and collect from the owner of a vehicle on which an inspection has been completed, an inspection fee as follows:1998-01-01
      Passenger, station wagon, family motor coach, antique, light commercial, recreational trailers (tent, travel, boat, etc.) (per year) 35.002015-09-01
      Taxi (per six months)35.002015-09-01
      Utility trailer (per year)25.002015-09-01
      Medium commercial and farm truck 2250 kg to 3499 kg unladen curb (per year) 40.002015-09-01
      Semi-trailer, trailer and pole trailer with an assigned or configured gross vehicle mass of 1500 kg or more (per year) 40.002015-09-01
      Truck tractor, commercial trucks 3500 kg or more unladen curb mass except farm truck (maximum per year) 140.002015-09-01
    Bus, school bus or contracted conveyance 2015-09-01
      Up to 3499 kg unladen curb mass (per six months) 40.002015-09-01
      3500 kg or more unladen curb mass (per year) 65.002015-09-01
    Farm Truck 2015-09-01
      Up to 2249 kg unladen curb mass (per year)35.002015-09-01
      3500 kg or more unladen curb mass (per year)65.002015-09-01
    Replacement of Inspection Sticker11.002015-09-01
    Certificate of Rejection0.001998-01-01
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