Government of New Brunswick


The Financial and Consumer Services Commission administers the Auctioneers Licence Act. The Auctioneers Licence Act requires any person acting as an auctioneer in New Brunswick to be licensed and bonded. The Auctioneers Licence Act exempts the following from its application:

• people auctioning Crown property;
• property being sold by a municipality or under the authority of a court;
• agricultural products sold in connection with an agricultural association; and
• goods being auctioned for religious or charitable purposes.
An auctioneer’s licence must be held by the individual acting as an auctioneer, not by the company they represent.


Applicants wishing to obtain an auctioneer’s licence under the Auctioneers Licence Act must submit a completed application to the Financial and Consumer Services Commission. More information on the requirements to apply for a licence can be found here.


The Auctioneers Licence Act provides the Financial and Consumer Services Commission with the authority to suspend or cancel a licence in the case of misconduct. The Auctioneers Licence Act also provides procedures for bond forfeiture to cover consumer loss.

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