Government of New Brunswick


The Provincial Themes are part of the New Brunswick Administrative Areas Data Base. They include administrative areas such as counties and parishes, environmental/conservation boundaries such as protected watersheds and well fields, political boundaries such as provincial and federal electoral ridings, and regulatory boundaries such as federal lands and crown lands.




Each theme is a graphical representation of administrative features that approximate their size, configuration and location. The provincial themes were not created from boundary surveys and have no official status. It is not intended that they be used for legal descriptions or to calculate exact dimensions or areas.

Business Improvement Areas (Theme 5027)
Counties (Theme 5001)
District Planning Commissions (Theme 5022)
Federal Electoral Districts (Theme 5015)
Federal Parks and Protected Areas (Theme 5018)
First Nations Lands (Theme 5016)
Limits of Inland Fisheries (Theme 5024)
Local Service Districts (Theme 5023)
Military Base (Theme 5017)
Municipal Areas (Theme 5003)
Parishes (Theme 5002)
Protected Areas (Theme 5021)
Protected Watersheds (Theme 5012)
Protected Well Fields (Theme 5011)
Provincial Crown Lands (Theme 5019)
Provincial Electoral Ridings (Theme 5013)
Provincial Limits (Theme 5000)
Provincial Parks (Theme 5020)
Submerged Land Management Areas (Theme 5029)
Taxation Authorities (Theme 5025)