Government of New Brunswick


The Work Ability Program provides work experience opportunities to unemployed individuals who require a job placement to overcome a barrier as identified through their employment action plan. By placing an individual with an employer, they can work towards becoming job ready by establishing a career goal, developing skills, or addressing specific needs.


- The individual must be a resident of New Brunswick.
- The individual must be legally entitled to work in Canada.
- The individual must have an employment action plan and be referred by an employment counsellor / case manager.
- The individual must not be an immediate family member of the employer (spouse, children, parents, brother, sister), nor can they be an officer or director of the organization or a member of their immediate families.
- The individual must be 18 years of age or over and out of an educational institution (high school or post-secondary institution) for at least six months.

- The Employer can be a non-profit organization, municipality, provincial government department/agency, private sector business or First Nation.
- Employers must complete a client evaluation at the end of the job placement.

- The job placement cannot displace permanent employees on layoff, vacation, parental or sick leave.
- The job must meet the individual’s needs as per their employment action plan.
- Where jobs are covered by collective agreements, the employers must consult with unions to ensure that placements are not in contravention with provisions of the collective agreement.
- The job placement must be in accordance with all Provincial and Federal Acts and Regulations. The employers must pay premiums to WorkSafe NB (if applicable).


Employers who participate in the Work Ability Program must pay the individual hired and then subsequently submit wage claim forms for reimbursement to the Department. Employers cannot withhold wages while waiting to be reimbursed by the Department.

Employers are reimbursed on an hourly basis at a rate of minimum wage plus the employer’s share of benefits (CPP, EI and Vacation pay) for the duration of the placement. The wage reimbursement can be for up to a maximum of 40 hours per week. The duration of the job placement will depend on the employment action plan requirements.

Employers interested in participating in the Work Ability Program can submit an Inventory Registration Application (see section ‘Forms’) to the appropriate department's regional office. A Program Officer will contact you when an individual requiring your type of job placement is referred by an Employment Counsellor/Case Manager.