Government of New Brunswick


Training and Skills Development (TSD) program has been introduced in an effort to ensure that case managed individuals, whose employment action plan identifies skill development as being necessary, have access to funding to assist them in achieving their goal.


A participant must have an Employment Action Plan that has been developed with an Employment Counselor of the department who will determine eligibility based on program criteria.

The training must:
-be a required component of a participant's Employment Action Plan
-lead to sustainable employment


Training and skills Development (TSD) selectively provides grants to people who meet the program criteria. The focus of the program is to help clients receive training or educational programs which will allow them to return quickly to work.

The TSD duration is limited to:
- a maximum of two consecutive years for a regular post-secondary training program
- a maximum of one year for academic upgrading for grade levels 7 to 9 and two consecutive years for grade levels 10 to 12
- a maximum of 10 weeks for levels 5-6 and a maximum of 12 weeks for GED preparation
- a maximum of three consecutive years for a co-operative training program

The level of TSD funding is determined by an Employment Counsellor and may cover a portion of tuition and books as well as other training expenses.

Contact our Department's local Employment Regional Office to find out how TSD can become a component of your Employment Action Plan.