Government of New Brunswick


An Employment Counsellor will help individuals search for permanent employment, starting with an employment action plan. Based on interests and skills for the future, the Employment Counsellor will help define career goals and assist in making a plan to achieve them.


Individuals seeking employment counselling should make an appointment with an Employment Counselor of the Department, at which time eligibility can be determined.


Career Decision Making and Planning

Counsellors can assist Individuals:
-take stock of their skills and aptitudes,
-discover their work preferences,
-identify employment sectors offering good opportunities,
-determine their career goals, and
-develop and carry out an employment action plan.

Work Preparation

Counsellors can assist individuals with:
-Education upgrading, helping individuals get the education they need to get a job.
-Training, helping individuals get the skills they require to attain their career goals.
-Work experience, helping individuals explore career choices, make contacts, develop their skills or acquire work experience.

Job Search

Counsellors can advise individuals on how to do a job search using a variety of tools available in our offices, such as:
-job listings,
-access to job-search sites on the Internet,
-job-search books and software,
-assistance to prepare a résumé and to prepare for an interview,
-computers, printers, faxes and photocopies, and
-information on the labour market in your area and elsewhere.