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Plumbing permits are required for the construction of all plumbing systems and must be obtained before construction begins.


Plumbing permits are issued to New Brunswick licensed plumbing contractors or to homeowners performing work on their own premises (provincial permits only. Homeowner permits are not available within the municipal jurisdictions of Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John.) Homeowners will be required to prove their competence in the plumbing trade.

Provincial inspections are carried out on an auditing basis according to risk priority. Specific requests for inspections are subject to availability and may be subject to special inspection fees. The cities of Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John carry out their own inspections. (Please note: these municipalities issue plumbing permits to cover work in their jurisdictions.)

Plumbing Plan Approval is required for plumbing installations having more than thirty (30) fixtures.


A plumbing permit must be purchased by a plumbing contractor before starting the installation, extension, alteration, renewal or repair of a plumbing system.

A special homeowner's plumbing permit is issued to an owner-occupant of a single residential building for the installation, extension, alteration, renewal or repair of plumbing system.

Effective July 3, 2019, there is an improved method to submit your permit application and receive your permit when you click "Apply for Plumbing Installation Permit" on the right of this page.

When you choose Pay Now, you will be taken to the payment hub where you will be provided the options to pay with:

• Visa
• Mastercard
• American Express
• Discover
• Visa Debit
• Mastercard Debit
• Interac Online (with participating banks)
• Prepaid Visa/Mastercard

After the payment goes through, you will be given a payment verification number (both online and by email) which allows you to start your work. You will receive your permit at the email address you provided on the application.

If you choose Pay Later, you will receive a notification to the email address provided on your permit application with the amount required for payment so that you may mail a cheque or money order to:

Department of Justice and Public Safety
Technical Inspection Services
P.O. Box 6000
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5H1

Please make all cheques or money orders payable to “MINISTER OF FINANCE”. Once the payment is received, your permit will be processed and sent to you by email.

There is no longer an option to visit any SNB Service Centers for technical permits. However, the Pay Now option offers faster, same day instant service. The Pay Later option requires a wait in the amount of time for the payment to arrive by mail.

Alternatively, you can call 1-888-659-3222 to have your permit processed, or if you have any questions.

Changes To Fees

This document provides the rationale supporting changes to fees, associated revenue information, and the legal authority:
2011 PS Fee for Each Fixture.pdf,
2011 PS Fee for Each Fixture - Homeowner's Permit.pdf


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Plumbing Permit50.002003-01-01
  plus for each fixture20.002011-04-01
  plus for each roof drain30.002003-01-01
Homeowner's Plumbing Permit225.002003-01-01
  plus for each fixture 20.002011-04-01
Special Plumbing Permit50.002011-04-01
  plus for each fixture11.002011-04-01
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