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This department issues licences to operate food premises. Licences are issued by the Regional Directors of the Health Protection Branch and are valid until March 31st of each year.


A licence may be issued to any person or company who wishes to operate a food premises and has completed an application for a licence with all corresponding documentation, paid the required fee and has demonstrated compliance with the Public Health Act and its regulations.


Food premises licences are divided into 3 classes. The type of licence class is determined by the types of food prepared and sold, and the way foods are handled. Each of these premises must be licensed to operate in New Brunswick and is subject to inspection by Public Health or Agri-food Inspectors.

Licence classes are described as follows:

Class 3: Premises where potentially hazardous food is stored, handled, displayed, distributed, sold or offered for sale without any processing or preparing on the premises.

Class 4: Premises where food is prepared or processed without any killing, pasteurizing, or, if meat or fish, without thermal processing, for sale or consumption on or off the premises, but is not distributed wholesale.

Class 5: Premises where food is processed for direct sale or wholesale distribution or where food is prepared for wholesale distribution and including an abattoir. This includes maple syrup producers.

Note: In addition to the descriptions above, not-for-profit organizations may operate under a Class 3 or 4 licence. Temporary events, whether not-for-profit or otherwise, may be operated under either a Class 3 or 4 licence.

Depending on the types of food served, staff training, maintenance and historical compliance of the premises, operators may expect anywhere from one to three routine annual inspections. Operators do not know when the inspections will be conducted. Violations of the regulations generally result in additional follow-up compliance inspections but may also result in licence revocation if the violation(s) pose(s) an immediate risk to public health.

Individuals operating a food premises without a licence are subject to charges under the Public Health Act. Licences may be renewed online or at any Service New Brunswick location.

Changes To Fees

This document provides the rationale supporting changes to fees, associated revenue information, and the legal authority:
Licensing Fees


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
► Initial (new) application fees are now prorated (refer to Section 2 of the Application Guide for more information. See link above). Prorated fees do not apply to yearly or seasonal food premises renewals.
Class 350.002016-04-01
Class 3 (operating food premises at a public market for less than 160 days per year)0.002016-04-01
Class 3 - Not for Profit0.002016-04-01
Class 3 - Temporary event0.002016-04-01
Class 4265.002014-04-01
Class 4 - Not for Profit0.002016-04-01
Class 4 - Temporary Event0.002016-04-01
Class 5350.002012-04-01
Class 5 - Maple Syrup (this class will be implemented at a later date)50.002010-01-29
Class 5 - Abattoir475.002014-07-08
Class 5 - Dairy1050.002014-04-01
Day Care or Residential Facility (SD) 0.002013-04-01