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This department has limited information on specific properties located within the province. The information can be used as an indicator to determine the likelihood of potential contamination, and as a record of past contamination events. Regulatory authority for this service is provided under the Fees for the Provision of Environmental Information Regulation (2002-1) - Financial Administration Act.

Note: The information available from the Department databases and files is accurate in that it provides a factual reflection of what is contained in departmental databases. The files themselves may or may not be complete. As an example, in the case of underground petroleum storage tanks, the files accurately reflect all those that were registered with the program; there may be underground storage tanks that were not registered and of which the Department has no knowledge. Likewise, there may be incidents of spills of which the Department was not informed or which pre-date Departmental records. If the properties have been recently subdivided, the PID #s provided may not correspond with those contained in departmental files and thus on the databases.
The only way to determine with assurance that a property is free of contamination is to conduct an intrusive investigation on the property, i.e. "Phase II Environmental Site Assessment".


General public


Property-based information may be obtained in two ways depending on your requirements:

Option 1:
Application for Basic Property-Based Environmental Information:
To obtain a basic summary of property-based environmental information (for example, this may include information regarding the presence of petroleum storage tanks, the existence of Ministerial Orders, the remediation of impacted properties (including Record of Site Condition when applicable), the existence of PCB storage sites, and the proximity of properties to former dump sites), please complete and submit the Application for Basic Property-Based Environmental Information. This option should be completed prior to pursuing Option 2 below as this will most likely satisfy your requirements. Please note that there is a non-refundable fee per Property Identification Number (PID) for each search request payable upon submission. The Department typically responds to these requests within three to five business days. The search for information will begin once payment is received.
Information is made available pursuant to a review of the following specific databases, maintained in the Central office of the ENV:

"Petroleum Storage Tank Management System" database, for issues related to underground and above ground petroleum storage tanks.

"Compliance and Enforcement Information Management System" database, for Ministerial Orders.

"Remediation Site Management System" database, for property contamination not necessarily related to registered petroleum storage tanks, including Administrative Orders.

"PCB Storage Site" listing, for storage location information.

"Dumpsite" database, for the proximity to former municipal household dump sites.

Option 2:
Application for Property-Based Detailed Scientific Reports:
To request detailed scientific reports (for example, Environmental Site Assessment Phase I and Phase II Reports or Closure Reports, etc.) and related information documents available from the Remediation and Materials Management Section, please complete and submit Application for Property–Based Detailed Scientific Reports. Please note that applications are subject to a $30 per hour research fee; therefore, it is strongly recommended applications be as specific as possible when requesting reports. It is also recommended that applicants wait to request this information until after they have received and reviewed the information provided by the Basic Property-Based Information Search above as this information will most often satisfy applicants' needs. Applicants will be invoiced once the information package is prepared. The Information package will be provided once payment has been received.

Changes To Fees

This document provides the rationale supporting changes to fees, associated revenue information, and the legal authority:


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Option 1- Basic Summary of Property-Based Environmental Information (+HST)55.002012-04-01
Option 2 - Property-Based Scientific Reports and Information (+HST) - (fee is per hour)30.002013-07-22