Government of New Brunswick


Children and youth who are unable to permanently live with their birth families need you. Adoption is intended to provide children and youth with stability, security, and lifelong support. Find out more about adoption and whether you could become a child or youth’s forever family.


You don’t have to be married, young or wealthy to adopt a child or youth through the Department of Social Development. You need only to have the means, desire and ability to care for a child or youth. In addition, you must meet non-negotiable eligibility criteria. You must:
• be 19 years of age or older and a resident of New Brunswick with Canadian citizenship or a permanent resident visa
• if joint applicants, provide proof of stable relationship for at least two years
• submit birth certificates for all adults in your home
• complete a medical check, criminal record/ vulnerable sector check and Social Development record check (looks at any prior contact you’ve had with the department)
• provide names of three references
• provide a financial statement
• submit other documents as required
• complete PRIDE (Parents' Resource for Information, Development and Education) training and any other approved training required by Social Development


Are you considering adoption to grow your family?

Adoption is a way to give a child or youth the security, sense of belonging and unconditional love they need and deserve. It is a lifelong commitment and can be one of the most rewarding decisions you’ll ever make.

Children and youth are looking for adoptive families for different reasons. Sometimes birth parents choose to make an adoption plan for their child or youth. In other circumstances, they cannot safely return to their families.

Each of these children and youth needs a permanent home where they can thrive and grow. You could become a parent to one or more of these children and change their lives – and yours.

For more information visit Social Supports NB’s Adopting a Child or Youth page.