Government of New Brunswick


The Sport and Recreation Branch has developed the Inclusive Community Recreation Infrastructure Fund. The main goal of this grant is to support community recreation efforts that improves inclusion and access to recreation for populations that face constraints to participation.


Municipalities, First Nation Communities, and community recreation/sport non-profit organizations who
have the responsibility and mandate for the provision of recreation and sport activity.

Please contact your regional consultant for more information on how to apply.


This fund will focus on the following key priority: Improvements to existing infrastructure for the purpose of increasing inclusion and access in recreation and sport activity.
• Assistance is based on need and the Fund will support up to 75% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $10,000.
• Infrastructure improvement initiatives that support increased participation for persons with a disability,women and girls, and newcomers.

Infrastructure improvements that increase access to participation include, but are not limited to; access ramps and pathways, power door operators, lifts, accessible swings, aids for visual impairments, creating culturally and socially supportive environments, diverse and equitable spaces (ex: universally acceptable change rooms), lifts (i.e. access to pools) etc.

• Provincially or Federally owned infrastructure
• Private or for-profit entities
• Religious, Educational or Political organizations.

**Funding application must be received by May 15th of each year to remain eligible for consideration

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