Government of New Brunswick


The Youth Engagement Services (YES) program is intended to provide youth with financial aid, life skills and other supports necessary to promote their successful transition to independent adulthood.


To be considered eligible for Youth Engagement Services, a youth must self-refer and meet the following criteria:

• Be between the ages of 16 and 18;
• Be a resident of New Brunswick for the three months prior to the referral;
• Be a Canadian citizen or have proof of permanent residency, or be designated a protected person by the Immigration and Refugee Board and Citizenship and Immigration Canada;
• Have (or be eligible for) a valid New Brunswick Medicare card;
• Be unmarried and not living in a common-law relationship;
• Have lived outside the parental home or home of a caregiver for at least three months prior to referral, or have at least one dependent while living in a parental home where the household income is lower than $30,000.

A youth who is not a self-referral or has not lived outside the parental home for three months may be eligible for services upon a recommendation from a Child Protection or Family Enhancement social worker and supervisor, following an investigation and/or assessment or as part of an intervention or case plan. Please note that all applicants are screened for signs of abuse and/or neglect.


This support is based upon the needs of the client and may include any number of interventions, such as:

• Permanency planning to ensure each youth has at least one significant adult with whom they have an enduring relationship;
• Special benefits to support education, training and/or employment;
• Career, personal or financial counselling;
• Educational, vocational, medical or psycho-social assessments;
• Workshops and training on goal-setting, life skills, job searching, resume writing and interview skills;
• Programs and services to ensure a successful school-to-work transition;
• Referrals for required services (e.g. mental health, addictions, etc.)

The youth will sign a Youth Engagement Services agreement and actively participate in a case plan related to three pillars: education, employment and permanence.

While it is recognized that parents have responsibility for the care and supervision of their children, it is essential that when parents are unable or unwilling to fulfill this responsibility, social services are provided to prevent or alleviate the social and related economic problems of the individual. If a parent requires services and support to carry out the parental role, or if through the provision of services, it is possible for a youth to be reunited with a parent or other family member, then these services should be provided before Youth Engagement Services.

To apply for Youth Engagement Services, please call the Department of Social Development office in your region and select the “Centralized Intake Services” option from the menu.