Government of New Brunswick


Apprenticeship training is not available for this occupation


An individual desiring certification as a journeyperson in New Brunswick in the River Control Operator occupation is required to meet one of the criteria as stipulated in Board Order GC001 "Requirements to Obtain a certificate of Qualification".

A person who has gained the equivalent of 7200 hours of practical experience in the River Control Operator occupation may apply to challenge the certification examination. Successful candidates will receive a New Brunswick Certificate of Qualification.

For more information, please see the corresponding board order for this occupation under Tasks, Activities and Functions of a Designated Occupation.


The river control operator occupation includes
(a) the overseeing of the daily operations of the hydroelectric generating stations;
(b) the operating of turbines, generators, water control structures and auxiliary equipment under normal and emergency conditions, as determined by the type of plant, and in accordance with the Energy Control Centre requirements for load, frequency and voltage;
(c) the visual inspecting of all operating indicators, record data and the initiating of corrective action as required;
(d) the preparing and issuing of all types of working permits in cooperation with plant and system personnel, and in accordance with NB Power operator rules, regulations and procedures;
(e) the ensuring that all operation plant checks are carried out and corrective action taken when necessary;
(f) the following up on emergency and regular work orders to ensure that plant equipment receives immediate attention or service;
(g) the calling in of maintenance personnel after normal working hours;
(h) the arranging of river inspections during critical periods such as ice jams, freeze break up and extremely high water flows, and the making of recommendations for the safe operation of the reservoirs with regard to public and commission property;
(i) the ensuring that all necessary information is readily available to effectively maintain the River Control and Flood Forecast Programs;
(j) the knowledge of the status of all equipment
(k) the promoting of effective public relations and the coordinating of the enforcement of station security rules and regulations after regular working hours;
(l) the providing of direction to plant personnel during the absence of the fire chief;
(m) the acting as lead hand and the providing of functional direction to other shift staff for work assignments as required;
(n) the performing of minor repairs and adjustments as determined by operating conditions;
(o) the relieving of the operation superintendent as required; and
(p) the performing of other related duties as required.