Government of New Brunswick


The objective of Marshland Maintenance is to ensure maintenance of the marshland protection systems in Westmorland and Albert Counties.


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This service has been in place for 56 years. Marshland maintenance service is provided to infrastructure in order to prevent the tidal flooding of over 14,500 hectares of valuable farm land, public roads, utilities and buildings located below sea level. The infrastructure in place to protect these lands includes 80 kilometers of dykes, 76 water control structures named “aboiteaux”, 2 tidal dams and 112 kilometers of roads and a bridge. Department engineering and support staff located in Moncton and Sackville monitor the integrity of earthen barriers, dams and aboiteaux, and provide for their operation, maintenance and repair.

A new Marshland Infrastructure Maintenance Act and General Regulation came into force on February 1, 2014 and a series of maps have been produced indicating the location of the marshlands and marshlands infrastructure. This new legislation and maps may be viewed using the links located in the right hand side column of this page.

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