Government of New Brunswick


If you are eligible or plan to submit an application for Employment Insurance (E.I.) benefits and plan to return to school, then the NB-EI Connect program may be able to help. This program allows clients who are eligible for EI benefits the possibility to receive or continue to receive their EI benefits while in training. Please note your Eligibility will be processed and determined, including duration of benefits by Service Canada.


To be eligible, you must be unemployed and be enrolled in a full-time training program that will allow you to increase your skills and assist you to find sustainable employment. You must also meet the following requirements:
• Be a New Brunswick resident;
• Be eligible for or currently be receiving benefits on a regular E.I. claim;
• Have been accepted to an eligible full-time training program;
• Have a financial plan in place for the full duration of your training; and
• Be able to pay your own training costs including tuition and books.


Applying for the program:

Step 1: Apply for EI Benefits through Service Canada with your permanent address - (refer to Service Canada at 1-800-206-7218 or online at for information on E.I. Eligibility;) (See Related Links).

Step 2: Immediately after applying for E.I. with Service Canada, complete and submit the NB-EI Connect Application form to the closest WorkingNB Office ( (See Related Links)

Step 3: You will be contacted by a WorkingNB representative once your NB-EI Connect application has been reviewed.

Incomplete applications will result in a delay in the process.