Government of New Brunswick


If you are unemployed, eligible for Employment Insurance (E.I.) benefits and plan to return to school to upgrade your education or employment skills, then the NB-EI Connect program may be able to help. This program offers eligible individuals the opportunity to continue to receive regular E.I. benefits for the duration of their claim while attending an approved training program. Under this program, the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour has the authority to allow you to receive your E.I. benefits while attending the training program. However, the department does not have any authority to determine or modify your E.I. eligibility (including duration of claim, etc.) in any way. All E.I. claims must be established by Service Canada.


To be eligible, you must be unemployed and be enrolled in a full-time training program that will allow you to increase your skills and assist you to find sustainable employment. You must also meet the following requirements:
• Be a New Brunswick resident ;
• Be eligible for or currently be receiving benefits on a regular E.I. claim;
• Have been accepted to an eligible full-time training program;
• Have a financial plan in place for the full duration of your training; and
• Be able to pay your own training costs including tuition and books.


Application forms can be obtained by visiting your local regional Employment Office or by clicking on the link to the right. Your fully completed application can be mailed to your local regional Employment Office (based on your permanent New Brunswick address) or can be dropped off at any regional Employment Office (see locations below).

On the application, you will be asked to describe your employment goals and explain how the training program you have chosen will help you find employment upon completion. You will also need to confirm that you have a financial plan that will allow you to complete your training when your E.I. claim runs out.

Once received, an Employment Counselor will review and assess your application. You will be contacted once a decision has been made.

If approved, you will be entered into an agreement with the Department for the full duration of your training program; however, you will only receive your E.I. benefits until the end of your regular benefit period as established by Service Canada. As a participant of the program, you are responsible for all training costs. No other financial support will be provided under this program.

If you qualify for a new regular E.I. claim during the agreement period, you must notify the Employment Counselor in order to ensure your benefits are not interrupted. You must also contact the Employment Counselor in advance of returning to school each year to confirm your eligibility and receipt of your E.I.

For example, if the approved training is a two year program and you have 6 months of regular E.I. entitlement, then a two year agreement will be signed. In this scenario you will only continue to receive regular E.I. benefits for 6 months unless you qualify for a new regular E.I. claim during the agreement period.