Government of New Brunswick


Establishments can register as “Breastfeeding friendly” venue by completing the registration form. Names of registered establishments will be posted on the provincial breastfeeding Facebook page and on this department’s website.


Eligibility for establishments to post the provincial “Breastfeeding is encouraged here” sign is:
• Knowledgeable staff about the women’s right to breastfeeding in public (anytime anywhere)
• Friendly staff who welcome women to breastfeed and who do not ask women to stop nursing or go somewhere like the washroom to feed.


Breastfeeding is recognized as an effective way of promoting health and preventing disease for a lifetime. This department promotes community acceptability of breastfeeding in public through the promotion of breastfeeding friendly premises. Most breastfeeding mothers will, at various times, want or need to feed their baby outside the home. However, research shows that many mothers feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public, which is obviously a barrier to continued breastfeeding.

Creating a community in which breastfeeding is welcomed and supported serves two purposes: it means mothers will feel comfortable breastfeeding their children wherever they are and whenever they need to be fed (which is a great outcome in itself) but it also increases the visibility of breastfeeding and therefore helps to normalize it amongst the general population.