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To support the New Brunswick agricultural industry in efforts to sustain, develop and/or expand markets, both domestic and international, by providing financial assistance for the tools, strategic infrastructure, innovative technologies, and resources needed to improve the agricultural industry’s competitiveness, profitability, and sustainability:

Funds will be available to support activities related to business development, advancing the crop and livestock sectors, market and product development and agri-land enhancement. All of which are in effort to expand and advance the Agri-Food industry which help strengthen local communities and grow the economy.


• Indigenous Peoples or Organizations
• Agriculture producers (individuals or groups)
• Agriculture producer associations
• Academic or research institutions
• Agri-businesses
• Other individuals or groups capable of achieving program objectives

Note: The program element you are applying to may be limited to certain eligible applicants. Please refer to specific program guidelines for detailed information regarding eligibility.


Applicants are eligible for funding assistance for approved activities related to business development, advancing crop and livestock sectors, market and product development, and agri-land enhancement.

A: Business Development: Provides funding to help producers and New Entrant farmers to better understand farm finances and cost of production, develop improved business, technical and leadership skills and to plan and take the necessary steps for succession, expansion or diversification, financial risk management, marketing, human resources, or overall business management. Funding is also available to agricultural producer associations or agricultural organizations to assist them with the development of the strategic direction of their organization or sector and to acquire the skills and training needed to operate a successful organization.

Associations and organizations are also eligible for assistance to champion training activities for their membership which support the strengthening of management and technical practices that enhance the viability and profitability of a sector and/or the New Brunswick agricultural industry, as a whole.

B: Advancing Crop and Livestock Sectors: Provides the opportunity to capitalize on development opportunities and to advance the crop and livestock sectors that have growth potential within New Brunswick in order to facilitate economic growth. The program will help reduce the impact of pests and diseases on New Brunswick’s crops and livestock sectors in order to improve the overall health and quality of New Brunswick crops and livestock. It advances the overall health of crops and livestock to create additional marketing opportunities. It will foster the continued improvement of the genetic base of the New Brunswick livestock sectors through the purchase of genetically superior animals. The program will also provide assistance for strategic infrastructure for established/registered agricultural machinery clubs or cooperatives.

C: Market and Product Development: Provides funding for projects that help eligible applicants understand and plan marketing approaches for potential new markets, both domestic and international, meet industry standards or certification requirements, implement a market development plan, and develop new products or processes. Also provides assistance to marketing groups for establishment or new marketing initiatives.

D: Agri-Land Enhancement: Will help fulfill demands for the development of land for agriculture in New Brunswick. This program will support agriculture producers in bringing new land into production and in improving the productivity of existing land through:

• More sustainable crop rotations
• Increased land base for the production of crops
• Increased self-sufficiency in the production of livestock feed crops

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