Government of New Brunswick


The benefit provides assistance to applicants/clients who need to pay for a funeral for a deceased family member. This Department will pay funeral expenses, in accordance with the agreement with the New Brunswick Funeral Directors and Embalmers Associations.


Eligibility is based on the financial situation of the deceased as well as the financial situation of the deceased's family members (defined as sister, brother, parent, child, grandparent, spouse and common-law spouse) within the household.

The Department will look at the household income and living expenses including funeral costs to determine if the individual’s estate or family members within the household have the ability to pay.

Income can be earnings, allowances, pensions, revenue from business, income from property, income from investments, etc.

Family who are not part of the household will be asked if they can contribute toward the cost of the funeral.


When a death occurs, the application for the funeral benefit should be made no later than two weeks afterwards.

The application involves a two-step process:
1. Screening: a telephone call where a representative does a preliminary assessment. This can take from 15 to 30 minutes.
2. Registration: an in person meeting where information is gathered and the application forms are signed.

Once all required documentation is provided, the application is processed for approval or refusal. All documentation should be provided to the department within 15 days.