Government of New Brunswick


Support innovation and improvement in efficiency and competitiveness in new and existing agri-food processing companies.


• Indigenous People or Organizations
• Agricultural Producers (individuals or groups)
• Agriculture Producer Associations
• Academic or Research Institutions
• Agri-Businesses
• Other individuals or groups capable of achieving program objectives


Provides assistance to undertake product development activities, enhance efficiency and competitiveness for the value added agriculture and agri-food sector. Assistance is targeted to small and medium sized operations. Value added is defined as any activity that increases the market value of a raised or grown food product.

Program Elements:

A: Product conception and development: Provides funding to undertake the development of new agri-food products.

B: Production improvement: Provides funding for activities that will increase efficiency and competitiveness in agri-food processing companies.

Funds will be awarded on project merit and objectives of the program (risk and benefit to Province of New Brunswick). Merit will be determined by the department based on supporting documents such as, but not limited to, business plan, executive summary, letter of intent, and project details (supporting financial information is encouraged).

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