Government of New Brunswick


The Healthy Toddler Assessment is provided by the two Regional Health Authorities. The assessment targets 18-month-old children and is delivered by public health nurses. This assessment is in addition to the work that Physicians and Nurse Practitioners do in supporting parents in the healthy development of their toddlers.


Children who are 18 months-of-age and who live in New Brunswick are eligible to attend the Healthy Toddler Assessment. The child’s family will receive an invitation, by mail, to attend an assessment in their local area.


Children will be assessed concerning their teeth, vision, hearing, child development, growth, nutrition immunizations and safety. Public health nurses will also take the opportunity to discuss topics such as literacy and depression.

The assessment will support the healthy growth and development of young children by:
• providing early screening and assessment;
• promoting healthy lifestyle practices and behaviours;
• identifying resources and referring to services where needed; and
• gathering health information about New Brunswick children.
For more information regarding the Healthy Toddler Assessment, contact your local Public Health clinic.