Government of New Brunswick


GeoNB is the Province of New Brunswick’s gateway to geographic information and related value-added applications.


Any person, business, or organization interested in New Brunswick geographic data and maps.


GeoNB is the name adopted by the Province of New Brunswick to describe its corporate approach to the creation, maintenance, and distribution of geographic information. GeoNB encourages the creation of corporate geographic information resources collected, maintained, and distributed to accepted standards and shared amongst all users within the Province to support decision making and to reduce duplication of effort.

GeoNB is a dynamic, constantly evolving geomatics-based infrastructure that is intended to become an interface to “all things geographic” in New Brunswick. The primary goals of GeoNB are:
• Providing all users with easy access to geographic data, value-added applications and maps
• Reducing duplication and costs through collaboration and the sharing of geographic data and infrastructure
• Promoting and increasing the use of geographic data and maps

Provincial partner departments, municipalities and universities contributed resources, including data and applications, to create valuable new features which include:

● several unique map viewers, each targeted for specific uses such as the River Watch Tool and the Grant Reference Plan viewer;
● an expanded geographic data catalogue for mapping professionals; and
● tools and information for developers to create useful new mapping applications

GeoNB is gaining the attention of the geomatics community across Canada, and was recently given an Award of Excellence by Esri Canada, a leading GIS solutions provider.

GeoNB is a collaborative effort of the provincial government aimed at improving access and use of geographic information, as well as reducing duplication of effort and associated costs through the sharing of geographic data and infrastructure.