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The Bursaries for Medical Residents Program provides bursaries of $20,000 to family medicine residents who meet the eligibility criteria and establish a community based practice as well as to medical residents in designated specialties.


Medical residents who are in their last two years of residency and agree to sign a mandatory two year return-of-service agreement to New Brunswick are eligible to receive a bursary of $20,000.

Family medicine residents must establish a community based practice.

Specialty residents are also eligible providing that their specialty is one of the designated hard-to-recruit specialties.
Eligible specialties are reviewed annually based on recruitment priorities for the next fiscal year (April to March).
Other specialties may be considered if a position has been vacant for more than 12 months.

Residents are only eligible to receive the bursary once during their career even if they elect to complete another residency training program.

Residents relocating from one region to another are not eligible for this bursary.

Recipients of the Bursaries for Medical Residents Program will not be eligible to receive the family practitioners location grant or the grant for specialists in designated fields.


Medical residents are required to sign a two year return-of-service agreement with the respective RHA and establish a full time community based practice within 6 months of receiving the bursary or completing their residency training.

Recipients of the bursary are also obligated to take patients from the orphan patient registry when applicable.

The Regional Health Authorities will submit the bursary request on your behalf, once you have signed a return-of-service agreement and have met the eligibility criteria. For all requests, approval is required from this department prior to offering a bursary.

Bursaries are paid over the last 2 years of the residency training program.

A maximum number of bursaries is determined annually and is based on the budget allocation of the program.

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