Government of New Brunswick


A crime can leave you feeling traumatized, anxious, or fearful, which can affect your ability to testify. Victim Services can provide referrals for court support counselling or short-term counselling, based on your situation.


All victims of crime in New Brunswick who are required to testify in court may be eligible to receive court support counselling. Additional short term counselling may be available to victims of violent crime through the Compensation for Victims of Crime program.


The purpose of court support counselling is to help you give evidence in court. It usually begins once the trial date is set. Victim Services can refer you to see a registered therapist of your choice.

Counselling sessions must specifically address the effects of the crime but therapists must not discuss the actual facts of the offence with you.

If you are the victim of a violent crime, you may be eligible for additional short term counselling, which is a benefit under the Compensation for Victims of Crime

Victim Services may pay the therapist directly for your counselling sessions. However, before you can receive funding from Victim Services, you must first make use of any coverage available to you through insurance or an Employee Assistance Program.