Government of New Brunswick


Under the Victims Services Act, financial benefits may be available to victims of violent crime to assist with expenses incurred as a direct result the crime which are not covered by other means.


Victims of violent crime who have suffered personal loss or injury as a direct result of the crime may be eligible for financial compensation for specific expenses.

Victim Services can inform you if you qualify. To be eligible for compensation, you must report the crime to police and fully cooperate with them. If charges are laid, you must cooperate throughout the court process.


Compensation for victims of violent crime is offered under specific categories. Expenses which could be eligible for compensation include:

- Funeral expenses
- Counselling
- Medication
- Eye wear
- Relocation
- Transportation
- Miscellaneous
- Dental
- Medical expenses
- Physiotherapy
- Child care

Expenses must be a direct result of the crime. There are limits on each type of benefit, and a maximum amount of what you can claim. All other avenues of funding must be exhausted (i.e. insurance) before being eligible for compensation.

You should apply as soon as possible, as there are time limits: one year from the date of the offence and in the case of a sexual offence, one year from the date the incident was reported to the police.

If the victim is under 19 years of age, or unable to apply, a parent or guardian may apply on their behalf.