Government of New Brunswick


To encourage and support New Brunswick schools to contribute to the wellness of their students and their community.


These grants are available to all Public Schools and First Nations’ Schools in New Brunswick with students in grades kindergarten to twelve.


The grants provide financial resources to schools to support the implementation of Comprehensive School Health (CSH) approaches to increase mental fitness, healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco free living among their students and within their community. See link below for more information on CSH.

The application process guides schools through best practices in community mobilization such as identifying an action team, using data to identify a current problem in the school, developing a CSH approach to address that problem, identifying possible evaluation criteria, etc.

Grants are available on an annual basis. The application is typically open from mid-April to the end of May. Grant funding is distributed in 2 amounts, 70% in September and 30% in April.

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