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The objective of this program is to foster better understanding and appreciation of New-Brunswick’s linguistic duality. It aims to enhance the provision of services in both official languages, and to bring together members of both official language communities in the not-for-profit sector.


Any non-profit organization with a social and/or community focus, registered according to federal and/or provincial laws, whose permanent office is located in New Brunswick, and who wishes to:

• Promote participation of both official language communities at public forums in the not-for-profit sector;
• Make available more public interest publications in both official languages

Note that individuals, government departments and their agencies, health care institutions/organizations, as well as professional and recreational organizations are excluded.

Eligible projects must belong to one of two categories :

1. Projects involving interpretation from one official language to the other as well as translation of documents related to a public event such as conference, convention, annual meeting.

2. Translation from one official language to the other of various documents intended for the public and organization members:

a. Documents related to the founding of the organization i.e. constitution, charter and by-laws during the start-up phase;
b. Materials promoting the organization and its mandate/services to the public such as pamphlets, brochures, posters, news release, web site during start-up phase;
c. Documents related to a public meeting, an annual meeting, a conference;
d. Other documents such as training guide, public-interest research or report.


Funding Information

• This funding program is made possible by the Canada-New Brunswick Agreement on the Provision of French-Language Services, administered jointly by Intergovernmental Affairs, with the New Brunswick Executive Council, and Heritage Canada.

• Funding of a project is limited to 75% of eligible expenditures, up to a maximum of $5 000 in a given year. Assessment of an application is subject to available funding.

• Approved funding will be awarded by way of reimbursement at the end of the project. Applicants must submit copies of invoice and payment documents and a sample of translated material prior to March 31. Priority will be given to applicant organizations which have never received funding through the Program.

• Eligible Expenditures :

• Professional fees as well as travel and lodging fees for interpreters
• Rental fees for technical equipment/booth(s) – including technical staff’s professional, travel and lodging fees
• Professional fees for translators and revisers

Application Information

Applications for funding assistance may be submitted at any time during the fiscal year (April 1 – March 31). The goal is to issue official notification within 8 weeks of receiving an application. All required documentation must accompany the application. An application for a project which has been undertaken or is already completed won’t be considered under the Program.

Please refer to the Program Criteria for more important information.

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