Government of New Brunswick


When appropriate, the court will order a young person/adult offender to perform a set number of hours of community service.


People who participate in community service may:

- work with the disabled, senior citizen groups or provide services in hospitals;
- assist volunteer groups in a variety of community projects;
- provide services to victims, such as repairing vandalized property; or
- provide light maintenance work for non-profit organizations.


By performing community service the young person/adult offender not only repays the community for the harm done but has the opportunity to find outlets in the community for developing skills, new interests and abilities. Rather than being punitive, community service focuses on young person/adult offender responsibility and accountability.

The young person/adult offender must be willing to participate in the program. Community service can be for a maximum of 240 hours and must be completed as directed.

Failure to complete community service may result in a new charge.