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The program provides grants to assist in covering some of the operations and projects costs proposed by Historical Societies to produce and present periodicals that foster an appreciation of New Brunswick’s local and regional history.

The program encourages new research on local and regional history, the dissemination of knowledge by the publication of its results, and the conservation of New Brunswick’s heritage resources – tangible and intangible.

It is designed to help these societies to expand their activities so that they can offer more services to their communities, for the benefit of the public.


Applications under this program are limited to non-profit organizations based in New Brunswick and incorporated as a non-profit organization under the Companies Act.

To benefit from the program, the organization must:

•Publish a periodical with cultural and heritage content that has a minimum circulation of 100 copies per issue and whose themes relate to New Brunswick heritage;
•Have already published at least three (3) issues and have a regular publishing program that includes no less than six (6) titles during the last three (3) years.

Organizations that receive a community museum operating grant from the department OR a grant under the Programs for Publishers and Periodicals are not eligible for this program.


• The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture is subject to the Right to Information Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act;
• The applicant hereby acknowledges and agrees that, if awarded a grant, the name of the grant recipient, the recipient’s community, the program name, and the amount of the grant, will be published by the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture on the Government of New Brunswick web site and in the Department’s Annual Report.


This program is intended to support the publication of periodicals that serve as outlets for the researchers reporting on local and regional history in New Brunswick.

It is designed to help strengthen the organizational capacities of eligible organizations to ensure their ongoing growth and development for the benefits of their communities, to other New Brunswickers, and to interested visitors.

The program can be used for the following:

•To encourage the publication and distribution of periodicals such as bulletins and magazines containing studies or research reports that present various aspects of cultural heritage in New Brunswick;
•To launch a new heritage project.

Level of Funding:
The grant is based on the previous year’s grant and on the strength and merit of the application.

Project funding will not exceed 50% of the project’s total cost, up to $5 500 annually.

Application process:
Proposals are reviewed once each year.

Organizations wishing to apply must fill out the appropriate form and send all requested documents no later than April 15 of the request year.

*Please refer to the guidelines which contain important information about the criteria and conditions of this program.

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