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A resource and training opportunity for those who work with or take care of young children and who need some support to enhance the physical activity experiences of children aged 0 to 5 years.


Parents, daycares, home based caregivers, libraries, municipalities and other adults seeking to better understand and build quality daily physical activity opportunities into the lives of 0-5 year old children.


The aim of this program is to increase the opportunities for daily, quality physical activity for young children and the adults around them. There are toolkits and training workshops designed specifically to meet the needs of the parents, caregivers and other adults that want to enhance the physical activity experiences of young children.

- The large toolkit is designed for groups such as daycares, municipality programs, libraries or anyone who provides programs for groups of 0-5 year old children outside a home setting.
- The medium toolkit is designed for home based caregivers.
- The small toolkit is designed for families.
- All individuals involved with young children either as part of this program or not, can benefit from receiving the programs monthly newsletter.
- Instruction is available for Family Resource Center staff who provide the small toolkit training to families. Trained individuals also have access to additional information and resources to help them to continue to provide quality physical activity opportunities for children 0-5 years.

Children develop coordination, appropriate motor skills, social skills, leadership, imagination and confidence through the physical activity experiences that are woven into their entire day. When one or more parents or a caring adult is engaged in activity, a child is much more likely to participate. This is why families, caregivers and others who work with children play such an important role in helping New Brunswick take positive steps to becoming more physically active and well.

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