Government of New Brunswick


To encourage and support New Brunswick recreational facilities in offering a greater variety of healthy food options within their facilities.


All New Brunswick recreational facilities including arenas, swimming pools, youth centres, community centres, curling rinks, bowling alleys, skate parks and many other venues. The resource kit may also be useful for schools or groups planning for community events, fundraising campaigns, etc.


Recreational facilities are the cornerstone of many communities and home to some of the largest populations of youth outside the school setting. They are also important gathering places for parents and older adults. In addition to providing safe, public spaces for physical activity, these facilities can also have a strong impact on the health of the community by offering healthy food options.

The objectives of the resource kit are to:

- build on the healthy eating initiatives within New Brunswick communities by encouraging increased availability of healthy food choices in community recreational facilities;
- provide practical tools to assist New Brunswick recreational facilities in improving the healthy food options within their facilities;
- provide practical information on healthy eating to individuals and families using New Brunswick recreational facilities; and
- demonstrate the revenue potential and feasibility of selling healthy foods in recreation facilities.

This resource kit is a joint initiative of the New Brunswick Wellness Strategy and the Healthy Eating Physical Activity Coalition of New Brunswick (HEPAC).

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