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This program provides financial assistance for the production and/or the upgrading of a physical or computerized collection inventory owned by a museum. A reliable museum inventory will provide the opportunity to develop or upgrade collection information in areas such as provenance, preventative conservation, restoration, and even storage.


The program is directed at non-profit museums based in New Brunswick, incorporated under the Companies Act and, managing a collection of artifacts.

A "museum" is “a non-profit community institution which acts as a custodian to maintain, conserve, study, and interpret a permanent collection of heritage resources”. Such an organization holds its collection in trust for the public.

In addition to meeting the "museum" definition, an eligible applicant must:
• Possess legal title to the permanent collection it conserves;
• Maintain a standard system of registration for its collection, thus ensuring proper documentation and control;
• Follow a Collection Management Policy consistent with its organizational objectives.


• The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture is subject to the Right to Information Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act;
• The applicant hereby acknowledges and agrees that, if awarded a grant, the name of the grant recipient, the recipient’s community, the program name, and the amount of the grant, will be published by the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture on the Government of New Brunswick web site and in the Department’s Annual Report.


The program is developed to support museums that are helping New Brunswickers understand themselves and their ties with the past, to strengthen their sense of pride and identity, and/or to better appreciate their links with the environment.

The aim of this initiative is:
• To assist individual museums develop tools for managing their collection and to take steps to improve and upgrade their registration/cataloguing processes;
• To encourage museums to become contributing members of the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN). This will enable museums to upload their artifact information to the Artefacts Canada database which is maintained by CHIN;
• To promote the use of a standardized vocabulary to offer virtual access to New Brunswick’s museum collections.

Level of Funding:
The grant is based on the previous year’s grant and on the strength and merit of the application.

Depending on need and demand, a grant of up to $3,000 will be provided to eligible museums.

Participating museums will be required to submit requested reports to Heritage Branch by March 31st of the current fiscal year. Please refer to the guidelines which contain important information about the criteria and conditions of this program.

Application process:
Proposals are reviewed once each year.

Organizations wishing to apply must fill out the appropriate form and send all requested documents no later than April 15 of the request year.

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