Government of New Brunswick


Private adoption placements in New Brunswick are those, which are, made directly by the birth parents. Birth parents can place their child(ren) for adoption with any adopting family of their choice.


Must be 19 years of age or over.


In a private adoption birthparents arrange for, and make the placement of their child with someone they know.

The birth parent(s) and the prospective adoptive families must notify the Minister of Social Development no later than 60 days prior to the proposed placement in writing.

Any kind of solicitation or advertising is forbidden.

In private adoptions the time frame a birth parent is able to revoke adoption consent is 30 days after consent is given.

A Social / Medical Background report on the birth parent(s) must be completed.

The prospective adoptive families must provide all the necessary documents;
- birth certificates;
- for joint applicants, proof of a stable relationship for at least two years;
- medical check / criminal check / Department of Social Development record check;
- names of references;
- financial statement;
- any other document that may be required.

An adoption home assessment must be completed and presented at the Placement Suitability Conference. The private adoption applicants and the birth parent(s) will be advised of the results.