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The Multicultural Grants Program is a program to assist community partners working to meet the objectives of the New Brunswick Policy on Multiculturalism.

Due to the COVID-19 situation and the resulting discontinuation of non-essential government services, the Multicultural Grant Program will not open on April 1st. Applications will be accepted and reviewed later in 2020.
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Eligible applicants include incorporated non-profit organizations in New Brunswick operating in accordance with the Population Growth Divison’s population growth strategy and mandate. Eligible applicants also include organizations that have written agreements with appropriately incorporated organizations to handle the administration of funds. To request the application form fro the Multiculturalism Grant, please send an e-mail to:

Ineligible applicants
• individuals;
• businesses, companies or private organizations; and
• funding bodies (organizations whose sole mandate is to award grants or funding).


The Multicultural Grants Program undertakes to assist community partners working to meet the objectives of the New Brunswick Policy on Multiculturalism. The Policy indicates the need for actions designed to meet the following objectives:
1. To ensure respect for and adherence to the principles embodied in the New Brunswick Human Rights Act.
2. To eliminate ethnic and racial discrimination by identifying and removing societal barriers to full and equal participation.
3. To assist newcomers in identifying and overcoming cultural barriers which impede full and equal participation.
4. To facilitate access to services and institutions both public and private in one of the two official languages of the Province.
5. To increase public awareness and understanding of the multicultural composition of New Brunswick society through educational initiatives.
6. To ensure freedom of choice in matters of cultural commitment and expression in a sprit of acceptance.
7. To encourage retention, enhancement and sharing of cultural heritages among all cultural communities.
8. To utilize the full range of human resources present in New Brunswick to enhance social and economic development.
9. To encourage citizen participation in all aspects of New Brunswick life.
Examples include: research projects, workshops, publications, public awareness, etc.
Program Application
The following information should be provided:
• Description of project including need for the project, objectives, activities, work schedule and resulting benefits.
• Dates of project.
• Location of project activities.
• Funding requests made elsewhere.
• Budget - total revenue by source - total expenses itemized for transportation and travel, office rental, utilities, publicity, equipment rental, materials and supplies, other.
• Copy of study or report submitted within 60 days of project completion.

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