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An individual licensed in another jurisdiction taking up residence in New Brunswick must obtain a New Brunswick driver's licence as soon as they take up residence.


Drivers from Canadian provinces or the United States may exchange their licence Class for Class, including Class 7, without taking any driver’s test or providing a medical provided:

1. The driver’s licence from the other province or state is surrendered if possible.
2. An “Application for Driver’s Licence” is completed.
3. They are 16 years of age (with parental consent to 18 years) or over.
4. The application fee is paid.
5. The licence does not expire within the next six months.
6. Proof of identity and residency documents are provided (found here)

Non-Residents From Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia

Non-residents from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia may exchange their licence Class for Class without being tested, supplying a medical or paying the fee provided they surrender their licence (and/or verified on Inter-provincial Record System).

They would be issued a New Brunswick licence with the time remaining on their home province licence. A maximum of four years is to be authorized.

Non-Residents From Other Countries

Non-residents from other countries must take a full driver licence examination which includes a vision test, a written examination, and a road test. Exceptions are those from the following countries who may exchange for a Class 5 (including a motorcycle endorsement without testing, if applicable) or a Class 6 or 6D:

Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Isle of Man, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands (Holland), New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Republic of Korea (South Korea)*, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan*, and Wales.

Documentation Required:

A non-resident from any foreign country (outside of North America and including those above) must provide the following documentation:
- Their original driver's licence
- An official translation of the driver’s licence (from a translation agency or an International Driver’s Licence), if not already in English or French
- Proof of identification (one piece) and proof of residency (two pieces)
- Please visit Driver's Licence for a complete list of acceptable documentation

* Republic of Korea (South Korea)

A formal agreement has been entered with the Republic of Korea whereby the applicant must have first contacted the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea which will create a package of documents. This package is to be retained as part of the source documents. The Consulate General will prepare a packet of documents for the applicant which includes
- A cover page
- An English translation of the driver’s licence
- A copy of the original licence
- A certified section with the signature of the Consul and the Seal

The driver must present at the time of exchange the package of documents referred to above PLUS the original licence, proof of identification (one piece) and proof of residency (two pieces)
-Please visit Driver's Licences for a complete list of acceptable documentation.

The required documents will be copied and attached to the application. The original licence will also be attached to the application and retained as part of our records.

* Taiwan

In addition to the standard required documentation, applications applying to exchange their Taiwan driver's licence will be required to provide the following:

- A copy of the English translation of their Taiwan driver's licence authenticated by Taipei Economic and Culture Office, Toronto;
- An original Verification Certificate of Driver's Licence (VCDL) issued by a Taiwan Vehicle Office, less than three months prior to the date of application.


Students who move to New Brunswick do not need to exchange their licence while in school, but as soon as they take up permanent residence or become gainfully employed, they must exchange their licence.

Return of foreign licence

In most situations, the driver will never have a need for the foreign licence. There are situations, however, where the applicant will be returning to their home country and will need or request the return of the licence. This will be permitted as long as the licence is available in our records system (within five years of exchange). The New Brunswick licence must be surrendered and the foreign licence returned to the driver. If the driver returns to New Brunswick, the foreign licence must be surrendered and a replacement New Brunswick licence issued as per normal procedures.

Motorcycle Endorsement

A full motorcycle licence or endorsement on a non-resident licence may be transferred to any New Brunswick licence issued. This includes non-residents from Canada, United States, or the countries listed above. If exchanging your driver's licence from any other jurisdiction, testing will apply.

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