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Canada's Warmest Saltwater Beach

Known as one of the most popular beaches in Eastern Canada, Parlee Beach Provincial Park boasts the warmest saltwater North of Virginia and holds a Blue Flag International Eco-Certification through Swim Drink Fish Canada. The park offers a variety of beach activities throughout the summer and its campground features over 200 sites. The campground is a quick walk from the beach and nearby you’ll find great food and drinks, boutiques, marinas, accommodations, cultural activities, and more.

For complete details about this park and campground, and to make a reservation, please visit Parks NB.

Changes To Fees

This document provides the rationale supporting changes to fees, associated revenue information, and the legal authority:
2020 Provincial Park Campsite Fees,
2016 THC VenhicleEntrancePermitsVariousParks.pdf


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
The HST tax is included in all the fees listed below:
Entrance Fees
  Commercial Bus (daily) ($50.00 plus $6.00 per vehicle for beach maintenance) 56.002012-06-22
  Daily Fee - All other vehicles (includes beach maintenance fee)13.002016-04-01
  Seasonal Fee - All other vehicles100.002016-04-01
  Daily Fee - Motorcycle (includes beach maintenance fee)9.002016-04-01
  Corporate Fee - Book of 10 Daily Entrance Coupons (includes beach maintenance fee)65.002016-04-01
  Corporate Fee - Seasonal (includes beach maintenance fee)70.002016-04-01
Camping (daily) per site 2016-04-01
  Full service sites include electricity, water and sewage40.002020-03-10
  Electrical - includes electricity and/or water34.002020-03-10
  Unserviced sites do not include any services31.002020-03-10
  Group campsites (per tent)15.002016-04-01
  Rustic shelters60.002020-03-10
  Wilderness campsites19.002020-03-10
  Back country12.002016-04-01
  Additional overnight visitor to a site7.002020-03-10
  Chalets 100.002021-01-13
  Dumping Station20.00 per use2021-01-08
  Camping lay-over (where available) 50.00 per week / per semaine2021-01-08
  Kitchen Shelter Rentals (where available) 50.002021-01-08
Monthly Fees2021-01-08
  Monthly Fee – site with electricity910.002020-03-10
  Monthly Fee – fully Serviced 1075.002020-03-10
  Monthly Fee – unserviced800.002020-03-10
Seasonal Fees2020-03-10
  Seasonal Fee – with electricity1900.002020-03-10
  Seasonal Fee – without electricity1520.002020-03-10
Event Fees (where available) 2020-03-10
  25 people or less50.002021-01-08
  25-100 people100.002021-01-08
  Over 100 peopleApplication2021-01-08
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