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Mactaquac Provincial Park is a broad woodland and recreation complex along the scenic Saint John River. Discover the beauty of this 525-ha (1,300-acre) masterpiece along one of the many walking trails (one of which is wheelchair accessible), and enjoy interpretive walks through our pristine beaver pond nature reserve. Or take the fun to new heights with a TreeGO Mactaquac Aerial Adventure.

Stay awhile at the Mactaquac Provincial Park campground with over 300 campsites to choose from. While you’re there, take a dip in the Park’s freshwater beaches or tee-up at the Mactaquac Golf Course. The Clubhouse is also home to MOCO Kitchen. With beautiful views and casual fine dining featuring local ingredients, the restaurant is great for a quick bite out with friends, a nice meal with the family, or the perfect date night.

Mactaquac is also home to two marina’s, the Mactaquac Power Boat Marina and the York Centennial Sailboat Marina.

The park is located at 1265 route 105, just outside of Fredericton.

Changes To Fees

This document provides the rationale supporting changes to fees, associated revenue information, and the legal authority:
2020 Provincial Park Campsite Fees


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
The HST tax is included in all the fees listed below:
Entrance Fees
  Commercial Bus (per day) 50.002011-06-11
  Daily Fee - All other vehicles10.002016-04-01
  Seasonal Fee - All other vehicles90.002016-04-01
  Daily Fee - Motorcycle6.002016-04-01
  Seasonal Fee - Motorcycle90.002016-04-01
  Corporate Fee - Book of 10 Daily Vehicle Entrance Coupons50.002016-04-01
  Corporate Fee - Seasonal60.002016-04-01
Camping (daily) per site 2016-04-01
  Full service sites40.002020-03-10
  Sites with electricity 34.002020-03-10
  Unserviced sites do not include any services31.002020-03-10
  Group campsites (per tent) 15.002016-04-01
  Rustic Shelters60.002020-03-10
  Wilderness campsites19.002020-03-10
  Back country12.002016-04-01
  Additional overnight visitors to a site7.002020-03-10
  Winter Camping (per night)10.002021-01-13
  Seasonal Winter Camping (from the period of November 1 to April 30 of the following year)240.002021-01-13
  Dumping Station 20.00 per use2021-01-08
  Kitchen Shelter Rentals (where available) 50.002021-01-08
  Camping lay-over (where available) 50.00 per week / per semaine2021-01-08
Camping (seasonal) per site 2021-01-08
  Without electricity 1520.002020-03-10
  With electricty 1900.002020-03-10
  Add Chalets100.002020-03-10
Camping (monthly)2020-03-10
  Monthly fee - site with electricity910.002020-03-10
Golf - (Green Fees)2020-03-10
  Pre-season 1 round 18 holes 45.002021-04-04
  Pre-Season Twilight fee - 1pm-4pm35.002021-01-04
  Pre-Season After 4pm25.002021-01-04
  Regular season until 1pm60.002021-01-04
  Book of Ten 400.002021-01-04
  Pull cart8.002021-01-04
  Club rentals25.002021-01-04
  Club storage 60.002021-01-04
  Bucket of balls - Small5.002021-01-04
  Bucket of balls - Medium7.002021-01-04
  Bucket of balls - Large9.002021-01-04
  Power cart (per seat in 2020)23.002021-01-04
  Locker rental35.002021-01-04
  Trade discountup to 30%2021-01-04
  Non-Members Tournament Fee-30 or more participants 80.002021-01-04
  Promo - two and a cart115.002021-01-04
Golf - (Membership)2021-01-04
   Adult unlimited with power cart1685.002021-01-04
   Adult unlimited 1150.002021-01-04
   Adult weekday 910.002021-01-04
  Intermediate 28-39 years 905.002021-01-04
  Intermediate 19-27 year 875.002021-01-04
  Junior 14-18 years 350.002021-01-04
  Junior under 13 years175.002021-01-04
  Mid-season membership (Aug 1)40% discount2021-01-04
  2 pm membership725.002021-01-04
  Power cart550.002021-01-04
  Seasonal pull cart60.002021-01-04
  Golf range225.002021-01-04
  Electric caddy storage75.002021-01-04
Sail Boat Marina 2021-01-04
  Weekly Moorings 55.002021-01-08
  Monthly Moorings 100.002021-01-08
  Seasonal Moorings 375.002021-01-08
  Finger Docks - Seasonal without electricity 615.002021-01-08
  Summer trailer storage 75.002021-01-08
  Winter Storage fee 250.002021-01-08
  Storage in a compound per season325.002022-04-01
Rec Center Rental2022-04-01
  Per day 100.002021-01-08
  2 hour rental 25.002021-01-08
  4 hout rental40.002021-01-08
  Full day rental60.002021-01-08
Event Fees (where available) 2021-01-08
  25 people or less50.002021-01-08
  25-100 People100.002021-01-08
  Over 100 peopleApplication2021-01-08
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