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The Immigrant Settlement Support Funding Program is a funding program for non-profit organizations to assist with the settlement, integration and retention of newcomers in New Brunswick’s communities; facilitate the integration of newcomers into the local labour force; and/or promote and encourage understanding of the benefits of newcomers to New Brunswick’s economy, and cultural and social lives.

See funding guidelines for a detailed program description.


Eligible applicants include incorporated non-profit organizations in New Brunswick operating in accordance with the Population growth Division's strategy and mandate. Eligible applicants also include organizations that have written agreements with appropriately incorporated organizations to handle the administration of funds.

Ineligible applicants
• individuals;
• businesses, companies or private organizations; and
• funding bodies (organizations whose sole mandate is to award grants or funding).

See funding guidelines for detailed eligibility criteria for program categories.


Settlement program funding is divided into two categories:

1) Community capacity settlement funding

Community capacity settlement funding is designed to help start-up or existing service-providing organizations increase and enhance their capacity to deliver services in their regions, help organizations develop infrastructure, and provide access to capacity-development training and resources.

2) Settlement and multiculturalism services funding

Settlement and multiculturalism services funding is designed to help organizations in carrying out projects or programs that will benefit the community by delivering needed services to newcomers.

See funding guidelines for a detailed program description.

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