Government of New Brunswick


The fuel supplement is designed to provide assistance to eligible households to assist with the costs of winter heating. The Regular Fuel Supplement is available from November to April of each year to social assistance recipients who meet the criteria.


The Fuel Supplement can provide assistance to cover some of the costs of winter heating, over and above what is included in the basic assistance rate. Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis. Many clients are already receiving some type of special assistance related to their heating costs either through SD or others.

Clients who are not considered eligible are those who:

- Have accommodation costs of less than $100/month.
- Are receiving the Income Supplement which is $100/month through the heating season
- Are in subsidized housing where heating has been factored into the monthly cost
- Live with their parents, are in a boarding situation, have only lot rent, or are in “maintenance only” accommodations.


The types of fuel supplements are

Social Assistance Recipients:

- The Electric Fuel Supplement is provided to eligible households who heat with electricity (fully or partially) in the amount of $150.00 per month, it is available from November to April.

- The Non-Electric Fuel Supplement of $145.00 per month is available to eligible households from November to April.

- The Bulk Fuel Supplement of $870.00 for the purchase of wood or oil is provided from November through April. The benefit can be provided monthly at $145.00 per month or in a bulk format.

Both Social Assistance Recipients and non Social Assistance Recipients:

- The Emergency Fuel Benefit can be provided on a case by case basis to a client or applicant who is experiencing a winter hardship/emergency situation as it relates to winter heating costs. The benefit can be up to $550.00 per calendar year.