Government of New Brunswick


NBPAP is a financial assistance program offered by this department. The program is for prospectors searching for metallic or industrial minerals (except aggregates) in the Province, who can receive up to:

- A maximum of $5,000 if the prospector does not have mineral claims at the time of application;
- A maximum of $15,000 if the prospector has existing mineral claims at the time of application.


To be eligible for the program, you must have:

- A valid New Brunswick prospector’s license.
- Fulfilled all commitments for any previous grants from the Division.

You must not have:

A concurrent grant under the New Brunswick Junior Mining Assistance Program.


To apply for a NBPAP grant:

Download the attached application form or obtain one from one of our offices.

Complete the application form, including your:
- Contact information
- Prospecting experience
- Work location
- Work proposal
Submit the completed application form to the address on the form.

For more information see the related link.

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