Government of New Brunswick


Every owner of a residence or business in the Province of New Brunswick must display their civic address number in a way that is clearly visible from the main roadway leading to the home or business.

It is important to always display a valid civic address number and road signs so emergency service providers can find the address quickly in an emergency.


New Brunswick residents and property owners.


A civic address is the number, the street or road name, and the community name assigned to residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

If you live in a city, town or village, contact your local municipal office for your civic number. If you live outside a municipality, in a rural or unincorporated area such as a Local Service District, contact the NB 9-1-1 Bureau for your civic number (Blue Plate).

Note: You should never assign yourself a civic address. This could cause confusion and you may not be found in case of an emergency. Also, you may end up with the wrong postal code and have problems receiving your mail.

Information Required to Obtain a New or Updated Civic Address Number

Complete and submit the Civic Address Request Form.

Number Plates (Blue Plates)

Highly visible civic number plates, commonly known as “blue plates”, are available at a number of locations throughout the province.

If you live in a municipality, contact your municipal government.

If you live outside a municipality, please contact the New Brunswick 9-1-1 Bureau toll free at 1-888-353-4444 or by e-mail ([email protected]) to find a supplier near you.