Government of New Brunswick


The Public Interest Disclosure Act will help facilitate the disclosure and investigation of wrongdoing within government and provide increased protection for public servants who encounter and report such problems.


The Act is applicable to employees in the provincial public service (departments, agencies, school districts, regional health authorities, and crown corporations)


The Act encourages employees in the public service to come forward if they believe that wrongdoing has occurred or is about to occur in the workplace. The Act protects against reprisal and provides a fair and objective process for those accused of wrongdoing.
The Public Interest Disclosure Act is intended to apply to significant and serious wrongdoing in the New Brunswick public service that is potentially unlawful, dangerous to the public or injurious to the public interest.
The act defines wrongdoing as:
· illegal actions;
· actions that create substantial and specific dangers to the health, safety and security of the public, or to the environment;
· gross mismanagement of public funds or assets; and
· directing or counseling someone to do one of the above.
The Act is not intended to deal with routine operational or human resource matters. The Act is also not intended to provide another venue for employees whose relationship with their employer may be in dispute under a collective agreement or employment agreement as a result of human resource issues. These matters should continue to be handled through existing procedures.

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