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The Crown Lands Branch houses most extant early surveys depicting public roads, timber blocks, and proposed settlements. Modern plans (since c. 1925) are limited to Crown boundary retracements, land use-related surveys (e.g. easements, leases), and subdivisions of Crown land for land grants and disposals.

All recent plans are held as full-size originals, whereas historical plans are held on microfiche for the
most part.


General public


Land grant – the root of title for the vast majority of all private land in the Province. This document conveyed ownership from the Province to a private settler. Depending on the time period issued, it may be subject to various reservations. Microfiche only.

Grant plan – a survey plan of a granted lot. Microfiche only.

Grant Reference Plan– the province is divided into a grid of 167 reference plans, each covering almost
5 km2, that show the configuration of all granted lots. Also known as grant index plans. Full-size paper or digital.

Survey plan – any plan other than a grant plan. Full-size paper or microfiche, depending on the plan.

Certified copies – A copy of any of the above documents, accompanied by a
certificate stating that it is a true copy of the original as held in the records of the Minister. Paper only.

To search these records visit us at the address provided in the contact section.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
  Certified copy of land grant, with or without the grant plan15.002006-02-10
  Copy of land grant, with or without the grant plan10.002006-02-10
  Copy of grant plan from microfiche5.002006-02-10
  Paper copy of grant reference plan.10.002006-02-10
  Certified copy of survey plan.15.002006-02-10
  Paper copy of an original survey plan.10.002006-02-10
  Copy of a survey plan from microfiche.5.002006-02-10
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