Government of New Brunswick


This service matches legal experts and others willing to speak on a volunteer basis, with the media or with community groups who want information on law-related topics. Legal professionals, educators, and government personnel participate in PLEIS-NB's Speakers' Bureau. The public is asked to contact PLEIS-NB at least 2 weeks prior to the event.


Any community group, service organization or special interest group, as well as the media, can ask us to help them find a speaker on the law. Groups may wish to invite a speaker to address a monthly meeting, an annual general meeting, a special event or a workshop.


The Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick (PLEIS-NB) operates a Speakers' Bureau. The purpose of the Bureau is to offer the public, at no charge, a wide range of legal professionals, government personnel and other experts who are willing to speak on a variety of law-related topics. PLEIS-NB also publishes over 100 bilingual information publications on the law. If PLEIS-NB has publications on the topic you are interested in, we can make them available for your event. You can check out our publications on our web site.

PLEIS-NB will try to arrange speakers to address your group on such subjects as:

Administrative Law, Business Law, Buying and Selling a House, Charter of Rights, Children's Rights, Common-Law, Constitutional Law, Consumer Law, Court System, Criminal Law, Divorce and Separation, Employment Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, Family Violence, Health Law, Highway Traffic Law, Human Rights , Investment Fraud, Landlord & Tenant, Law Reform, Lawyers/Legal System, Legal Aid, Mental Health and the Law, Municipal Law, Police Powers, Public Legal Education, Relationships, Social Assistance, Torts, Wills and Estates, Women and the Law, and Youth Justice.

Please contact PLEIS-NB by telephone, letter, fax or e-mail (see contacts) and indicate the:

·Name of your group
·Telephone Number
·Date of Event
·Number Expected to attend
·Official Language of Presentation

We ask that you make your request at least three weeks in advance of your event or meeting, so that the speakers have time to prepare and to work around busy schedules.