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CAMVAP is an arbitration program that can help resolve disputes with automobile dealers and/or manufacturers about the quality of your vehicle or how the dealer or manufacturer is interpreting or implementing its new vehicle warranty. The vehicle must be of the current or the previous four model years.


To be eligible, you must have a car that is between one and four years old and that has a problem that cannot be resolved by the dealers and/or manufacturer.


If you have a car that is one to four years old that has problems and you have tried to resolve these problems with your dealer, you have called the car manufacturers representative to work with them to resolve the problems and still can’t resolve your issues, then you may contact CAMVAP. The plan is fully funded by the automobile manufacturers. You receive a fair hearing and a fast decision from an impartial arbitrator. From start to finish, the process generally takes less than 70 days.

For more information contact the Consumer Affairs Division of the Financial and Consumer Services Commission: 1-866-933-2222

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