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A province-wide registry service where users can serve public notice of security interests, money judgements, and certain other claims affecting personal property (movable goods). Anyone can search the PPR for the existence of securities against personal property in the province.


Users who require the service to register notices of securities must apply for an account.


The Personal Property System (PPR) is a centralized computer registry that serves the province of New Brunswick. The PPR allows both individuals and institutions to record their financial interest in personal property (cars, boats, appliances, etc.). For example, if you arrange a car loan from a financial institution, then the car is the security for your loan and the institution becomes the secured party. Until you have repaid the loan, the institution has an interest in the car. The institution registers its security interest in the PPR. This registration establishes the institution's priority against other secured parties who have a secured interest in the car. This information is available and accessible by any individual or company who may wish to purchase the car or grant another loan using the car as collateral.

In New Brunswick, one of the other ways interests in personal property can be secured is through the courts. A judgment in a civil matter can be declared, which means that a person has the right to recover money from another person. If you do not receive immediate payment, then the court can approve enforcement proceedings. Once approved, you must enter the Notice of Judgment into the New Brunswick PPR before the sheriff carries out the court's order. Your registered notice is a secured interest on the title of the judgment's debtor's personal property. It creates a right in the property for an amount equal to the judgment.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
New registration base fee (base fee does not include yearly fee)25.002016-02-15
Registration where the period of time during which the registration is to be effective is  2016-02-15
  1 to 25 years - per year 9.002016-02-16
  Infinity 500.001995-04-18
Registration renewal where the period of time during which the registration is to be extended 1995-04-18
  1 to 25 years -per year9.002016-02-15
Registration Discharge0.001995-04-18
Registration Amendment10.001995-04-18
Global change of a multiple registration500.001995-04-18
Re-registration No fee1995-04-18
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