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The Built Heritage Program is directed at conservation-related aspects of built heritage rehabilitation projects. Built Heritage includes heritage buildings and heritage landscapes.


Built heritage rehabilitation projects that include conservation components for heritage buildings and/or landscapes owned by or subject to a long-term lease agreement with not-for-profit organizations are eligible under the program, where the places are:
- Designated as one of the following:
o Provincial Heritage Place;
o Municipal Heritage Conservation Area or part thereof;
o Local Historic Place;
- Or where the building and/or landscape can be shown to have significant community heritage value.

Rehabilitation projects that contain conservation components for publicly accessible heritage buildings or landscapes, owned by municipalities (excepting village, town or city halls), but administered by an appointed custodial group or committee that meet the above requirements, may be eligible. Active church buildings and cemetery restorations, and commercial buildings such as Bed & Breakfasts are not eligible.


• The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture is subject to the Right to Information Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act;
• The applicant hereby acknowledges and agrees that, if awarded a grant, the name of the grant recipient, the recipient’s community, the program name, and the amount of the grant, will be published by the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture on the Government of New Brunswick web site and in the Department’s Annual Report.


The program has two components:
- Component A will contribute up to 75%, to a maximum of $5,000 per project, for specialized design, engineering and/or conservation expertise for conservation related aspects.
- Component B will contribute up to 50%, to a maximum of $30,000 per project, of the capital required for conservation related aspects.

The Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada (Parks Canada) will be used as a reference document in the administration of this program (see related links below).

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