Government of New Brunswick


The Adjustment Services component of the Employment Services Program is a measure used by the Department to encourage, support, and facilitate human resource management, including labour market research & analysis, and labour force adjustments.


Applicants eligible for funding would include, but not limited to:
- Employers;
- Employee and employer Associations;
- Communities and community groups; and
- Industry Associations.

Adjustment Services activities would contain the following characteristics:

- Must involve partnerships;
- Should promote ongoing capacity to address a labour market issue or issues;
- Assistance is finite. Although a series of agreements may be signed with the same sponsor, the agreements must state specific project outcomes and timeframes and not be reliant on a future agreement for success;
- Should affect people who are in the labour market, or about to enter or re-enter the labour market.


Adjustment Services is a measure used by the Department to encourage, support and facilitate human resource management and labour market adjustments, which are in the public interest. Adjustment Services provides funding to various groups in an effort to improve their capacity for dealing with human resource requirements and to implement labour force adjustments. Adjustment Services addresses labour market issues through partnerships.

Labour market issues are generally characterized by an imbalance between the supply and demand sides of the labour market. The two biggest indicators of a labour market issue in a community, region or province, are unfilled jobs and high unemployment. Labour market issues result from such situations as:

- Company difficulties resulting in jobs being threatened;
- Industry downsizing;
- Industry upsizing, new development, relocation;
- Impact of new technologies;
- Labour shortages;
- Shortage of year round opportunities; and
- Lack of community and organizational capacity for human resource management.

For further information on this program and the application process, please contact your local Employment office in your area, listed on the Contacts tab above.