Government of New Brunswick


Office of Workers' Advocates is in place to provide information, advice and direct representation to injured workers or their dependents who desire to discuss or dispute any decision made in relation to their claim for workers' compensation.


New Brunswick's injured workers and their dependants as well as representatives of injured workers. Its main goal is to provide injured workers or their dependants with a fair and reasonable opportunity to resolve issues that arise with respect to workers' compensation claims.

More precisely, Workers' Advocates will review and investigate complaints, inform clients of available options, provide advice and, if necessary, represent claimants at Appeals Tribunal hearings. There is no fee for these services.


Workers' Advocates assist injured workers or their dependents in relation to their compensation claims pursuant to sub-section 83.1 of the Workers' Compensation Act. A worker should be satisfied that his/her case was thoroughly advanced, or understands why an advocate was not able to achieve the worker's desired outcome.

Workers' Advocates' Role:

► To provide general information about the WorkSafeNB system, policies, procedures, etc. and about relevant legislation;
► To discuss each case with the client in detail in order to get a clear understanding of the issue;
► To advise injured workers on what actions they can take in reference to their claim and to help them gather the necessary information;
► To help determine if a claim can be resolved through an appeal;
► To assist in preparing an appeal;
► To appear with the injured worker or their dependent as his or her representative at an appeal hearing;
► To assist claimants in resolving an issue without proceeding to an appeal hearing whenever possible.