Government of New Brunswick


Office of Employers' Advocates assist New Brunswick employers in matters concerning workers' compensation through communication, consultation and education, and by advising and representing them on issues before WorkSafeNB (WSNB) and in particular, the appeals process.


New Brunswick employers and/or out of province employers that are registered with WorkSafeNB.


Employers' Advocates:

► Provide overall liaison between employers and WorkSafeNB;
► Help educate employers on Workers' Compensation policy, legislation and appeals process;
► Assist employers in interpreting sections and clauses within the Workers' Compensation Act and Regulations;
► Assist employers in preparing and presenting appeals in front of WorkSafeNB i.e., the Appeals Tribunal;
► Advise employers of their rights and obligations under the Workers' Compensation legislation;
► Provide advice to employers on any other matters of concern which deal directly with Commission policy and the Workers' Compensation Act.