Government of New Brunswick


In New Brunswick, a tax is applied to all tangible personal property such as boats and aircraft. This tax may be either the Federal Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or the Tangible Personal Property Tax (TPPT) depending upon the nature of the transaction by which an individual purchases and/or acquires the tangible personal property.

The TPPT is applied to all aircraft and motor powered boats over 10 feet in length purchased and/or acquired through private sales (from a non-registrant). This tax, which is administered by this department, is due immediately upon the purchase of either a boat or aircraft and may be paid at any Service New Brunswick Centre.


Every consumer of an aircraft and/or a motor powered boat over 10 feet in length is required to pay a tax on the fair value of the aircraft or boat, where the supply of the aircraft or boat is made in the Province and is not a taxable supply by a registrant under the Excise Tax Act (Canada).


Generally, the Tangible Personal Property Tax is collected at Service New Brunswick Centres. Legislation permits a number of exemptions and refunds. See Related Links.